About Brainchild

In 2019 I started Brainchild with all these grandiose ideas of how what it was gonna be and how it was gonna try and be a front runner to some of the bigger brands in the industry today. However, as 2019 rolled on, I found myself neck deep in a position that was so mentally and emotionally draining, that it was the first time in my life that actually going out skateboarding wasn’t helping ease any of it. May of that year brought on another massive hurdle in the passing of close friend and fellow skateboarder, Ben Raemers. It was then that I decided to tone down what my plan for Brainchild.

This is an outlet now for my art, my skating, my personality. I do what I can here and there to donate some proceeds to various charities, most often then not to my friend Ben’s. The Ben Raemers Foundation.. 🙏🏻